HogHeaven™ Impressions Indoor/Outdoor Under Cover

Hog Heaven Impressions mats feature the same excellent anti-fatigue qualities of a standard Hog Heaven mat but can be customized with your logo or message.

  • Comfortable – 5/8″ high-density nitrile-blended cushion helps eliminate pressure to the lower back and legs, providing superior comfort
  • Safe – Certified high-traction by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI); edges will not crack or curl and provide a safe transition from floor to mat
  • Durable – Nitrile-blended cushion provides years of useful service life; cushion is molded, not glued, to the nitrile rubber surface so it will not separate
  • Versatile – Nitrile rubber surface is welding safe, grease/oil proof, and chemical resistant*

*Please note that the polymetric film with your logo/imprint will be less resistant to elements than the mat.

2′ x 3′ (23″ x 32″)
3′ x 5′ (32″ x 58″)
3′ x 12′ (32″ x 143″)
4′ x 6′ (46″ x 70″)

Please note, mat size is approximate as rubber shrinks and expands in conjunction with temperature and time.  Tolerable manufacturing size variance is 3-5%.

Material: Nitrile rubber
Logo/Image Material: Polymetric film

Material: High-density, closed-cell nitrile/PVC-blended foam 

OVERALL MAT THICKNESS: 5/8 inch (0.6250″ ) 


  • Durometer: 56
  • Compression Deflection: 
         47.8% at 20 psi
         66.0% at 40 psi 
  • Certified high-traction by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI)
  • ASTM C1028-96 static coefficient of friction:
         Dry 0.79
         Wet 0.75
  • Passes flammability standard DOC-FF1-70
  • Melt point over 500 degrees F. Tested at temperatures up to 1800 degrees F for welding/slag resistance (specific results from test available upon request)

Hog Heaven mats can be cleaned by scrubbing with a deck brush (when needed), using detergent with a neutral pH, and rinsing with a hose or pressure washer.  Mats should be laid flat or hung to dry.

SizeDesign SizeQuantity   Lbs
2'x3'24 x 33189.53104.2493.8092.876.6
3'x5'33 x 58256.42192.32176.93175.1616
3'x12'33 x 142423.65351.63334.04330.7137.3
4'x6'46 x 69323.30258.65243.12240.6925.6

Mat Edge Close-Up

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