SuperScrape™ Impressions Indoor/Outdoor 


  • Mats are produced by molding a digitally printed thermo-plastic material into durable Nitrile rubber.
  • The photographic-quality images have excellent color tones and shades with unparalleled details and clarity.
  • Textured surface cleats offer superior slip resistance and effectively scrape though dirt and grime off feet.
  • With the Anti-static Nitrile rubber, SuperScrape™ mats will not curl or crack and are certified “high traction” by the National Floor Safety Institute.
  • Mats deliver the ideal combination of total traction and optimum cleaning capabilities! Simply hose off to clean!
  • The logo is permanently bonded into the slip resistant surface and will not wear off or fade in the sun, providing years of trouble-free performance .
  • 100% nitrile-rubber SuperScrape mats scrapes tough dirt and grime off feet effectively.
  • Excellent anti-fatigue properties. Durable nitrile-rubber mat provides slip-resistant surface. Ideal for entrances, restaurants, kitchens and slippery inclines.


Mat Size                             Maximum Imprint Area
2.5′ x 3′ (29″ x 34″)                    20″ x 25″
3′ x 4′ (34″ x 45.5″)                    25″ x 36″
3′ x 5′ (34″ x 54.5″)                    25″ x 48″
3′ x 10′ (34″ x 111″)                    25″ x 96″
4′ x 6′ (45″ x 67.5″)                    36″ x 50″
4′ x 8′ (45″ x 95″)                       36″ x 70″
6′ x 6′ (71.5″ x 72″)                    43″ x 50″
6′ x 8′ (71.5″ x 96″)                    43″ x 80″

Please note, mat sizes are approximate as rubber shrinks and expands in conjunction with temperature and time. Tolerable manufacturing size variance is 3-5%.

Material: Nitrile rubber
Logo/Image Material: Polymetric film
Thickness: 3/16 inch (0.1875″)

Standards and Testing:

  • Certified high-traction by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI)
  • Passes DOC-FF1-70 for surface flammability
  • ASTM C1028-96 static coefficient of friction:
         Dry 0.86
         Wet 0.72

SuperScrape Impressions mats can be commercially laundered (see laundering instructions) or cleaned using the instructions below.

  • Scrub with a deck brush (when needed) using detergent with a neutral pH.
  • Rinse with a hose or pressure washer.
  • Lay flat or hang to dry.
SizeSize Approx. in.Quantity / USD   Approx. Item Weight (lbs.)
2.5'X3'29 x 34$177.87$97.84$88.05$87.187.94
3'x4'34 x 45.5$181.03$135.79$119.48$117.1110.6
3'X5'34 x 54.5$190.55$142.93$125.79$123.2513.53
3'X10'34 x 111$408.21$318.41$273.84$268.3827.86
4'X6'45 x 67.5$243.51$194.82$185.07$183.2221.64
4'x8'45 x 95$431.25$366.57$348.22$344.7530.74
6'X6'71.5 x 72$485.15$412.40$371.15$367.4329.68
6'x8'71.5 x 96$646.86$549.84$494.85$489.8945.68

Mat Edge Close-Up

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