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Tile Installation Instructions
Waterhog Classic Tile & Waterhog Premier Tile

Determine the number of tile that you will need by measuring the length (L) and width (W) of the area of carpet (as shown in Figure 1). Multiply the width times the length to get the square footage of the room.

For areas that are not rectangular, break up the area into smaller rectangles (as shown in Figure 2). Multiply the width times the length for each of the smaller rectangles separately and add up all the results to arrive at the overall square footage.

—Remove any old floor coverings, debris, and adhesives from the floor.
—Clean the entire floor surface of any dust, drywall mud, etc.
—Once the floor has been cleaned, allow it to dry completely.
—The carpet tiles must be allowed to acclimate to room temperature prior to installation.

Determine the center of the area by snapping chalk lines between the midpoints of the areas opposing sides. Measure from the center point (the point at which the 2 chalk lines converge) up to 3 feet and make a mark. Now measure from the center point to the left 4 feet and make another mark. If the distance between these two marks is 5 feet then your reference lines are perfectly square (Figure 3).

Apply your adhesive to the prepared floor according to the adhesive manufacturer's directions. We recommend Capital Adhesive's Saf-T-Bond 024 permanent outdoor adhesive for all installations both indoor and outdoor. In all cases, never use any adhesive that contains solvents.

Starting with one quadrant, install a row of full tiles along both reference lines (see Figure 4). First apply the adhesive using a paint roller. Next, place the tiles along the reference lines applying firm pressure with the palm of your hand to ensure good contact with the adhesive. Tiles should be placed snug against the adjacent tiles and their edges accurately aligned with one another.

Continue by placing tiles row by row or by using the stair step method (see Figure 5) always starting at the center and moving towards the side.

Fitting & Cutting Tiles
After you have placed all the full tiles, the perimeter tiles must be accurately marked and cut to fit snug against the side. Start by placing the tile to be cut directly on top of the last tile in a row. Next, position another tile against the wall and on top of the tile to be cut. Make a mark on each side where the outer corners of the top tile overlap the tile to be cut. Remove the tiles and using a sharp utility knife and a straight edge, cut through the back of the perimeter tile between the two marks. Use this same procedure to cut and fit the rest of the perimeter tiles.

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